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To most people Martial Arts are no more than a form of kicking, punching and throwing techniques. However, the idea of physical combat is not the only dimension of these Noble Arts.

Life poses threats not only of a physical nature but also threats, stresses and trauma that are emotional and intellectual in nature. To be able to cope and deal with this collective of threats is the the REAL value of the Martial Arts.

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National Championships 2014
Start: 26/9/2014 - 09:00
Finish: 26/9/2014 - 18:00
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2014 New Black Belts

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Tetsudo Event

National Championships 2014
Start: 26/10/2014 - 09:00
Finish: 26/10/2014 - 18:00
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2014 New Black Belts

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The true art cannot be learned without intelligent observation, gratitude and an intense desire to improve oneself